Creating Future Ready Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure Leveraging Emerging Technologies

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With global population on the shift towards urbanization, rapidly-evolving technologies, growing consumerism, along with demographic and economic changes, experts across the world are all involved and grappling with a fundamental issue today: How to build future ready sustainable healthcare infrastructure that can provide quality care and best patient experience making it cost-efficient for patient and profitable for providers as well.

Technological enablement, digitization, and automation are affecting industries today in profound ways and Public Healthcare delivery is no exception. Government is also rethinking how to optimize inpatient and outpatient settings, how to integrate digital technologies into the public healthcare space to create a quality health system.

Adoption of new age technologies can now be integrated into care delivery: artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, precision medicine, 3-D printing, augmented reality/virtual reality, genomics, telemedicine, and more. Making everything connect to create customized technology experiences for patients, doctors, staff and care providers to optimize the care lane and enhance accessibility, efficiency, safety, quality, resilience and patient outcomes is the key for future ready healthcare infrastructure.

Key Discussion Points

Leveraging New age technologies
like AI, Robotics, ML
Ensuring Energy
Cost Efficient, Quality
and Sustainability
Tech led Disaster
Management Infra
Safety & Security


Central & State Health
Health PSUs
Heads of Medical Institutions & Hospitals
Healthcare Experts

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